October 28, 2013

Home Preschool Ideas- Storytime

We usually have a letter or a number that is our theme for preschool time each day.  For this day, it was the letter D.  So we wrote a book using as many D words as we could.  To get started, we first made a list of every D word my 4 year old son could think of.  We had a wide range of words, from Darth Vader to dinosaur, from Donald Duck to dump truck.  Then we tried to put all of those words in a story.  I wrote down the ideas that my son had while reminding him of the remaining words on our list.  We came up with a great story that only a child's imagination could come up with!  After I wrote our story down in our book, my son drew pictures for each page.  It was a great project that promotes creativity and was a fun way to review our letter for the day.

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