October 23, 2013

Home Preschool Ideas

Getting Started... Simply

For the past few months, we have been have been having preschool time at home.  To get started, I bought each of my kids a spiral notebook.  Everyday, we start out by tracing a letter from the alphabet in their notebooks. (I write the letter with dotted lines in pen, and my kids trace over it with a marker or crayon).  Then my son draws a picture of something that starts with that letter and I tell him how to spell it so he can write it out. 

That letter becomes our theme for the day.  I try to incorporate snacks, activities, and books that start with that letter.  

Here's some more pages from my son's notebook- 
We practice letters, numbers, shapes and colors a lot.  These are all simple preschool ideas, which take hardly any prep and promote fine motor skills and good practice.

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