October 7, 2013

Homemade Drum

Empty 5 quart ice cream bucket
scrapbooking paper
mod podge
wooden sticks

Cost: $1

Every time that my family went to target, my 4 year old son insisted on playing with one of the drums in the toy section.  It was a cool drum, but it cost $20 and I felt like that was too much.  So I decided to make him his own.  I saved an old 5 quart ice cream bucket.  Mod podged the scrapbooking paper around the bucket.  I added a strap I got off an old water bottle, used brads to connect it to the bucket.  Placed felt on the top and bottom, connected the felt with yarn and added some beads for decoration.  The only thing I bought were the wooden sticks that were a $1 at walmart for a 12 pack.

My son was so excited on Christmas!

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