October 9, 2013

Toy Holders/ Storage Containers

What I used:
Paper scraps (about 1 1/2" x 2")
Mod podge
Old cans (I used old formula cans)

This was an easy project and makes great holders for little toys and other odds and ends you have around the house.  You can use any size can/tin depending on what you want to store inside.  

I removed all of the wrapper/covering from my empty formula cans and cleaned them.  Then I painted the back of a paper scrap with mod podge and stuck it to the can.  I held it for a moment, making sure to get out all of the air bubbles and making sure that it was securely sealed to the can.  Then I continued that process as I added papers all around the can.  Once the can was covered, I painted over the tops of the paper to help secure them and hold them down.  I added stickers on cans that I wanted labeled, and painted over the top of the stickers with mod podge as well to seal it on.  It didn't take too long to do, but they do take awhile to dry.  

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