November 28, 2013

ABC & 123 Homemade Picture Book

This was an easy, fun book that I made for my kids.  I designed my pages in gimp and then printed them as 4x6 photos.  I found the photo book at the dollar store, which had 36 pages in it.  So it worked out perfectly to do a page for each letter of the alphabet and numbers 1-10.  I decided to make this ABC picture book unique by adding pictures of our extended family on the letter's page their name starts with.  This was a great way to remind our kids of the names of our extended family since we don't live close to some of them.  It was also fun customizing this book with some of our family favorites and personal photos. 

Here are a few pages from this simple quiet book...

Don't forget to use these free cute papers for your backgrounds.

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