January 13, 2014


 This was our little art project to kick off the new year.  On one piece of paper, I drew 3 circles of different sizes (I used 3 different cups to trace perfect circles), a rectangle and square.  The kids first colored their rectangle and square (which would be turned into a hat).  Then they drew a face on the smallest circle.  Then they cut out all of their shapes.  On a second piece of paper I drew the three circles in the shape of a snowman and the rectangle and square for a hat.  The kids matched the shapes they had cut out to the shapes on the second page and glued them on the page.  We glued buttons on for fun and the kids got to color the background of their page however they wanted.  They picked out a name for their snowman and used stamps to put the snowman's name on the page.  The kids enjoyed this festive winter project.      

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