March 19, 2014

Jungle Safari Birthday Party

This was one of the cutest kids' themed birthday parties I have ever seen- a jungle safari!  It was thrown for a little girl who was turning 5.  I had nothing to do with the planning of the party, but got to tag along with my son and see all of the creative ideas this mom came up with.  

When the kids arrived they received a pair of binoculars- made out of the brown tube inside of wrapping paper (could also use toilet paper/paper towel roll), and with holes punched in the side with yarn coming out so the kids could wear them around their necks.  There were markers and animal stickers for each kid to decorate their binoculars.  Then the kids were taken outside on an animal hunt.  Little animal figurines (each one just a few inches big, probably could find a pack of these at the dollar store or target) were hidden at a park across the street and the kids had to use their binoculars to spot them.  The kids had so much fun spotting the animals, and after the party each kid received an animal to keep.

The kids then had pizza.  (And I thought this was the most genius idea - the mom had already pre-cut all of the pieces of pizza in half, which made a perfect size for some of the smaller kids.  Plus it was much easier for the kids to pick up and eat.  And I didn't see any pizza get wasted.  I just hadn't thought of that before and definitely did the same thing at my son's birthday party a few months later!)

The kids also had rice crispy treats that were in the shape of snakes.  They were dyed green and had dabs of chocolate for the eyes.  Such a perfect treat to go with the theme.  

All of the kids had a blast at this fun party!    

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  1. Adoring this Jungle safari birthday party a lot! I would like to use this theme idea for my own daughter’s 7th birthday party. I am going to throw this party at one of her favorite outdoor San Francisco venues. She is super excited for this bash.