April 3, 2014

Relief Society Garden Party

Our ward recently celebrated the Relief Society's birthday by throwing a garden party.  (Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the actual event, sorry!) Here is what we did:

Who: Not only did we invite all of the women in our Relief Society, but we also extended the invitation to all young women in the ward ages 8 and up.  Everyone was encouraged to wear a hat.

Decorations: We had a bright, spring theme with lots of yellow.  We purchased a few spring decorations from the dollar store and had fresh flowers on each table.

Food: Cucumber sandwiches, ham sandwiches, chicken wings, tortilla wraps, vegetable plate, lemonade, herbal tea, water, cookies, baby cupcakes, cream puffs.

Activities: We mainly ate and talked.  There were also a few door prizes (having to do with our garden theme- gardening gloves, tools, flowers, etc).  We had paper hearts on each table and asked everyone to write one thing they loved about Relief Society.  (We later used these hearts to decorate our Relief Society bulletin board).

Handout: I made each of the women this magnet- something bright and yellow and optimistic to go with our theme- with one of my favorite quotes: "In all of living, have much fun and laughter.  Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." (By Gordon B. Hinckley).

I printed these as 4x6's (2 fit on a page since they are 3"x3").

I would recommend printing one to start off with to make sure the coloring is right.  At the first store I printed them at, the yellow was too dark, so I made a lighter version as well. 

I ordered this adhesive magnetic sheet that worked great to apply the prints too and was perfect for the size of the prints (fit 28 on one sheet, possibly could have fit 32 but I was little conservative).  Also fyi- the magnetic sheet comes rolled in a small tube, so I would suggest sticking it to your fridge for a few hours to flatten it.

Feel free to use this print for your own personal use!  It makes a great little gift!

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