June 14, 2014

Homemade Baby Car Seat Cover

I love having a car seat canopy to block out the sun, wind, and rain from my little baby, and I love how cute they make a car seat look.  But I especially love how easy they are to make!  This is a project I could finish in one day (even with a newborn and 2 active kids at home!)  

My dear friend made me the cutest car seat canopy a few years ago when I had my baby girl.

The car seat cover was reversible with ribbons for the straps and little button holes to pull the ribbons through either side. 

Here's what the car seat covers look like spread out-

As you can see, it's a large rectangle with the corners cut off.  For the car seat cover below, I used leftover fabric for the straps.  So the only sewing I did was pretty much just sewing in a semi-straight line.  It was very easy to complete!  (And this project hides sewing mistakes/imperfections very well!)  

The part that takes the longest is just picking out what cute fabric you want to use!

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