October 12, 2013

Hillbilly Hoedown

This made for a great theme at a church party.  Here's what we did-

Decorations- Clothesline with flannel shirts, overalls, and jeans hanging up, hay barrels, stacks of old tires, plaid table cloths, sunflowers in mason jars with twine tied around the jar
Dinner- Chili cook off contest, rolls, salad, potato bar
Dessert- Asked people to bring "apple" desserts.  They could use apples as creatively as they wanted in their desserts.  We also had one person make a roadkill cake (a cake that looks like an animal that got ran over with jelly guts coming out) 
Activities- Horseshoes with toilet seats, racing tires through obstacle course, rubber band gun shooting range, potato derby contest (made cars out of potatoes and washers and raced them down a track).  We also encouraged everyone to dress up like a hillbilly and gave a prize for the best dressed hillbilly.

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