October 21, 2013

Kids' Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

We just threw a Pirate Birthday Party for my 5 year old.  Here's what we did-

Decorations- Black and red streamers, found a pirate table cloth at the dollar store that I cut into strips and made banners out of, made our own pirate flag on black cardboard (used white paint), dressed kids' favorite bear as a pirate.  Bought these pirate hats off of amazon for all of the kids to wear.

Games/Activities- Made a sword for each kid to decorate with markers and stickers

(I cut the swords out of a cardboard box and painted the handles black earlier in the week)

Played pin the eye patch on the pirate

Drew the pirate on the back of a large paper bag.  Cut out black eye patches for all of the kids with their names on it.  (Made it easy to keep track of who won).  Let the winner pick out a piece of candy.

Treasure Toss- Turned a storage box into a treasure chest by putting a couple of stripes on it and a picture of a keyhole and a skull and crossbones.  Had 3 small balls that each kid got to toss in the bucket.  They got a piece of candy for each ball they made in the treasure chest

Walk the plank- This was a huge hit.  Each kid did it 3 or 4 times

We had this piece of wood laying around (the for sale sign from when we bought our house).  I sawed off the end with the sign, so it was just a long, straight piece.  I painted the words walk the plank on it.  I used mod podge to get a couple of skull and crossbone pictures to stick to the wood.  We propped the wood up on 2 sturdy chairs and put a crocodile (a swim floatie) underneath our plank.  Gave the kids a piece of candy for bravely walking across the plank.

Ate pizza and ice cream cones.  Found pirate plates and cups at the dollar store.

Treasure Hunt- Hid candy all over the backyard for the kids to find

I searched everywhere for chocolate gold coins, but couldn't find any except overpriced ones online.  Decided to use candy with gold and silver wrappers (like twix, snickers, rolos, 3 musketeers).  Purchased these Pirate Skull Bags from Oriental Trading Company (watch for free shipping) to hold all of the kids' candy.

The kids had a lot of fun, and our little pirate was very pleased. :)  

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