October 16, 2013

Quiet Book

(Cover- made out of soft flannel)

I really wanted to make a quiet book for my kids, mainly to keep them quiet and busy at Church or when we are traveling.  I scanned the internet for cute quiet book ideas, and my favorite site by far was Imagine Our Life.  Not only are there countless ideas of the cutest pages I've ever seen, but the author includes free templates for her pages.  So it's very easy to make your own pages and it did not require a ton of sewing.  Most of my pages were inspired from that website, and then I made a few of mine own.

Brushing Teeth

Toothbrush and toothpaste come out of cup

Animal Train

Animals are finger puppets

Matching Socks

I loved using magnets over velcro so there is no noise

Beads and Numbers

Making Cupcakes

(Oven on the left opens and has magnets underneath the handle to hold it shut)

ZippersI also sewed in a couple of pockets on my back page so I could stuff crayons, paper, or whatever else I need to in the quiet book.  The pockets are also very convenient if you don't have time to put all of the pieces back in their spots.  Just stuff the pieces in these pockets and sort later. 

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