November 6, 2013

Do a Dot Printables- ABC's

When I volunteered at my son's preschool, I was introduced to do a dot markers for the first time.  The class used these markers for every class.  They would always start the day with a worksheet of a letter from the alphabet.  After filling in all of the circles with the do a dot markers, the kids would practice writing the letter 3 times.  I decided to make my own worksheets for my kids to do at home.

If you're looking for do a dot markers, I purchased mine from amazon, which was much cheaper than Target or Walmart.  I recently went to TJ Maxx though and noticed they had do a dot markers that were even a few dollars cheaper than amazon.

If you don't have do a dot markers or want to change things up, you can also have your kids fill the circles in with cheerios, lucky charms, smarties, etc.

Enjoy these free do a dot printables of the ABC's!  
(To save or print, click on the letter you want, it will take you to the pdf that you can save or print. For personal use only).








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