November 7, 2013

Homemade Lightsabers

Here is an easy, cheap, (and kid-friendly) way to make a lightsaber for any Star Wars fan.  We found these silver mugs at the dollar store.  We also purchased noodles from the dollar store that we cut in half.  The noodles fit perfectly into the mug without any tape or glue needed.  The noodles are snug enough in the mug that they stay put during lightsaber battles between our kids.  And we have yet to experience any injuries with these homemade lightsabers so I'm just as happy as my kids.  :)

*Update: After many hours of lightsaber battles with these homemade lightsaber noodles, we decided that we preferred to just use the noodles and we got rid of the cups.  The noodles are by far my favorite thing to use for lightsaber battles since you do not have to worry about anything breaking or anyone getting hurt.  To make the noodles look more like lightsabers, instead of using the cups, you could use silver and black duct tape at the bottom to make it look like a handle.  

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