July 9, 2015

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

A few months ago we had a wonderful Frozen Birthday party for my 4 year old daughter.  Of course, with Frozen being so popular, there are a billion ideas out there.  Here is what I put together without having to spend a lot of money or time, and I was very pleased with the results!

The invitation we sent out (printed as a 4x6)

The girls loved dressing up!  (And of course every little girl owns a frozen costume.  Although we did mention that any princess costume was welcome).

Decorations: I kept our party decor very simple.  I got a bright blue tablecloth and blue polka dot ribbon to tie a few bows here and there.  I broke out a few snowflake decorations frm my Christmas boxes.  (I thought about hanging up icicles and white Christmas lights, but got too lazy). :) A friend dropped off a ton of Frozen balloons which made the house look very festive.

My favorite decoration (and the only one I really spent time on) was these 3D snowflakes that I hung from the ceiling.  They were easy and looked amazing.


Do you want to build a snowman??
We made our own snowmen out of legos.  I had a bunch of these leftover snowman lego kits from target from a few years ago (around Christmas time, target often has little toy packages attached to gift cards.  A few years ago it happened to be lego snowman so we stocked up).  You could easily use any white legos though or make snowmen out of play dough.  The girls loved doing the legos!  (And so did the older ninja brother who you'll spot in some of the pictures).  :)

I made this printable to attach to each lego bag.  (I got the olaf picture from this site that has free frozen printables).

Ice Painting
I found this idea of ice painting with epsom salt on this website.  Honestly, the results weren't amazing, but the girls really enjoyed doing this and wanted to paint more than one paper.

Finding Elsa
In Frozen, Anna has to find Elsa, so I made a game out of it based off of one of our family favorites.  I made this little Elsa out of legos...
The rules:  Everyone leaves the room except one person, who hides Elsa in a completely visible spot somewhere in the room.  Then everyone comes back in and searches for Elsa. The person who finds her first is the winner and gets to hide her next (although we made sure everyone got an equal amount of turns).  The girls loved this game.  We played this several times since all of the girls kept wanting a turn.   

Can you find Elsa?  (Also a good view of the 3D snowflakes mentioned above )

Throwing Snowballs at Marshmallow
My talented husband drew me a huge Marshmallow (the snow monster from Frozen) that I hung up on our wall.  We had the girls throw these snowballs (made out of soft terrycloth material) at him.  (Just like Anna does in the movie).  There wasn't much to this game, but the girls enjoyed it.  We kept having them move back farther to see if they could still hit him and who could hit him from the farthest away.

Dance Party with a Bubble Machine
This was a huge hit!  Combine every little girl's favorite song, "Let it Go" with bubbles and you are set.  Everyone loved this part.  And we actually did this more than once throughout the party since it was such a huge hit.  The girls loved pretending the bubbles were snow.

Freeze Dancing
We also listened to the Frozen soundtrack while the girls danced, and every now and then, I would pause the music and they would have to freeze.  This was so fun to watch.  My daughter's friends still ask to play this game when they come over for play dates.

We moved outside to play a variation of red light, green light.  Our family calls it statues, but since it was a Frozen party we just called it Freeze.  One person is it and stands on the opposite side of the yard as everyone else, with his/her back turned to them.  You can only move when the person who is it is turned around (and can't see you).  When the person who is it turns around to face you, you have to freeze or you are sent back to the beginning.  So the person who is it, turns back and forth while the rest of the party tries to sneakily move closer to them without getting caught.  It's a lot of fun trying to watch 4 year olds try to freeze and for some reason their arms usually have to shoot up in the air.  :)  

Frozen Coloring Pages
We filled some extra time with coloring.  This was a great time filler and a nice break from all of our dancing and activeness.  There are a billion free Frozen coloring pages on the internet.  I printed off one for each girl.

And we were so lucky to have Olaf stop by the party! :)
(Found Olaf beanie at Kohls)


There are lots of ideas out there for Frozen themed food.  However, I just went with my daughter's favorite snacks.  I used blue frosting on the cupcakes and topped them with snowflake sprinkles.

I did break out my Pop-Chef and cut our ham, turkey, and cheese in hearts and stars to go with our snowflake crackers (these were a ritz special edition this winter).  
The kids ate these too fast to appreciate their cuteness, so probably not worth the time! :)  

I really was lucky finding these snowflake water bottles on Christmas clearance for 9 cents each.  I sent them home with the girls, which they loved.
Goodie Bags:
My daughter had so much fun putting these party favor bags together.  Her Feburary birthday party was just perfect timing for a Frozen party since Target was filled with Frozen goodies in their $1 section.  We found Frozen rings, necklaces, stickers and pencil/notebook sets.  We included Frozen fruit snacks and sparkly blue nail polish. 

We also included white Olaf playdough
I bought white play dough for 50 cents from walmart, printed off the Olaf printable from the site mentioned above, then attached it to a piece of matching scrapbooking paper and then mod podged it all on the play dough tub.  Very simple and turned out so cute!

Found these Frozen bags at Daiso (similar to a dollar store we have here).  And attached each girls name to her bag.  Loved the way they turned out!

It was such a fun Frozen party and actually wasn't too much work.  And most importantly- my 4 year old loved it!

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