February 17, 2015

Gospel ABC Book

I put this children's picture book together for our Relief Society's Old Fashioned Homemaking activity.  I received a similar book a few years ago from my mother-in-law (who also did this book at a Relief Society activity).  My kids love looking at it during Sacrament meeting.  So since I was in charge of coming up with an idea for our own activity, I thought this would be a great idea to do.  It is a great gift for kids or grandkids, for Christmas or for those you visit teach.

I printed all of the pictures as 4x6's.  I found photo books at walmart for a $1.  (They came with 24 pages, so I put the letter A in the back of the front cover and Z in the front of the back cover so I could fit all 26 pages in).  Then I brought all of the pictures and photo books to the activity and the sisters put the pictures in the books.  It was a great and easy project that only took a few minutes to complete.

Not only do I love having another quiet book for my kids to look at at Church, but I love that they're learning important Gospel principles.  (And I tried to keep the text simple for young children to read).

Here is the link to download the pictures- Gospel ABC Book

Gospel Art came from the Media library on lds.org.  For personal use only.

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