February 16, 2015

Chore Chart Bingo

I came up with this chore chart to try to add some fun (and regularity) in my kids doing chores around the house.  When they do 5 of these chores and complete a bingo, I reward them with stickers or candy.  When they have completed all of the chores and achieve blackout then they get a bigger prize.  Maybe a trip to the dollar store or ice cream cone.  

Here is the chore chart bingo sheet I made-

I put it in a sheet protector to help it last longer.  (It would be cute in a frame but I was too lazy to make it look nice).  :)  My kids use a dry erase marker to mark off the chores they complete.  They always get excited when they complete a bingo.  My favorite square is Mom's choice which allows me to choose anything around the house that I need done.

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