October 13, 2015

Spooky Halloween Dinner Ideas

My kids love Halloween and insisted that we have a spooky dinner to celebrate the wonderful holiday.  I wanted a creepy, fun dinner, but also food that they would actually eat, and as always- simple and easy.  So here is what we came up with, which was a big hit and devoured quickly!

Bloody Brains and Fingers

Can't get much easier than spaghetti!  I added a little sign that said bloody brains and my kids were pleasantly grossed out enough.  :)  We added almonds to our bread sticks to make them look like fingers.
Best Punch- Hands Down :)
Everyone loved the punch with the floating hand.  :)  I just put water in a latex (non-powdered) glove and froze it.  I got the idea from an old roommate who was the queen of Halloween.  She used to make a bloody hand drink each year.  She would add cranberry juice and mixed berries in the water before she froze it in the glove to make it look bloody.  Her frozen bloody hand looked way better than my plain hand, but it served it's purpose just fine.  :)

Mud with Worms
Instead of using chocolate pudding (that my kids don't care for) I used chocolate ice cream and put a layer of crushed oreos in the middle of the ice cream and then on top with a few worms.  It was delicious!  The kids loved this as well as the adults.

Hope your Halloween if filled with lots of spooky, scrumptious treats!!

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