February 19, 2014

Homemade Tablet Holder for Car

We have found that long trips in the car go so much smoother when our kids have a movie to watch.  After months of having my kids hold my tablet in their hands, I decided we needed a better plan.  I went online to purchase a tablet holder for the back of the seat in our car, but I was amazed at how expensive they were.  I thought it probably wouldn't be that hard to make one, so I decided to take that route instead.  This project began before I had a sewing machine, so I constructed this tablet holder with as little sewing as possible.  (If I were to make it again using a sewing machine, I probably would have planned it a little differently and could have saved some time, but it works efficiently nonetheless).

This is what the tablet holder looks like.  To limit on sewing, I kept all of the fabric as one piece, except for the top strip of fabric running across the top of the tablet.  I had some leftover clear vinyl from my quiet book which provided a clear screen over the tablet while also holding it securely in place.  I started by rolling up the bottom edge of my large rectangular piece of fabric and sewing that to the vinyl.  I then sewed my top strip to the top of the vinyl.  Then I rolled the sides of the main fabric in and sewed that to the vinyl as well.  I hemmed the top so it looked nice and neat.  Then I sewed elastic to the back, about the same size as the seat's headrest in the car.  Lastly I attached velcro to the top of the fabric and the strip above the tablet.  (Once again, to minimize sewing, I decided to just roll the top down rather than having to sew anything in place).  I made sure to constantly put my 7" tablet in the holder as I made it, to make sure I wasn't making the holder too small.


There are a billion different ways one could design this, and like I said I probably would do it a little different if I made it with a sewing machine.  But it's been working great so far.  The fabric is thin enough that I can still access the on/off and volume button without taking the tablet out of the holder.  And the tablet is responsive through the vinyl.  Since I already had the fabric and the vinyl, I ended up spending just a few dollars on the elastic and the velcro so it was a very cheap project to complete.  

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